Project Description

  • 1000 mm x500mm cabinet, compatible pitch 15.625mm

  • special designed angle for leds, even the screen install in high position it can let more people see the images clearly

  • High refresh rate at low gray, refresh rate 3840HZ

  • Excellent heat dissipation and low light decay, all alumnium around the leds and pcb make the heat release very quick

  • all glue coverd module, waterproof IP67

  • light weight and Low wind resistance as the module is very tiny width and long shape

  • every single piece of module is small long piece with quick connector and can take down very quickly for maintence, save the maintence cost

The biggest advantage of LED transparent waterproof screen lies in transparency, lightness, easy installation, energy conservation and environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision. The unique structural design of LED Waterproof transparent screen can make it shaped at will. The all outdoor waterproof transparent screen adopts the industry’s ultra-high brush IC scheme and high-quality LED chip.

Contrast, large viewing angle, wide color gamut, no drag shadow, no bright and dark lines, perfect visual reproduction. The plug-in light bar design supports the front and rear maintenance modes of the screen. Only a single light bar needs to be replaced. The operation is simple, and the maintenance cost is low and the time is short.

Effect drawing of outdoor waterproof LED transparent screen

Product features:

waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision;

Play content flexibly without time limit;

The lamp is fully sealed, and the protection grade is IP65;

Transparent screen has 60% – 95% transmittance, seamless splicing of glass facade and window daylighting knot;

No space occupation, light weight, no need to change the building structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall;

Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning heat dissipation;

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient installation, realizes front and rear maintenance and reduces maintenance cost;


Large shopping malls, glass windows, curtain wall buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, open-air stages, stadiums, outdoor walls, outdoor anti-aircraft guns, sightseeing elevators, street view advertising screens, landmark screens, building facades, landscape lighting, signs and indicative lighting, bridges and entertainment places

Item K15.625(DIP) K15.625(SMD)
                         Pixel Pitch P15.625mm P15.625mm
 Transparency  rate 60% 60%
Resolution/㎡ 2048 2604
 Max Power Consumption/㎡ 800W 800W
Average Power Consumption /㎡ 200W 180W
Resolution/Cabinet 64*32 62*32
Cabinet size (mm) 1000*500 1000*500
Drive Method Static Static
Weight/Cabinet 14KG 12KG
                     Brightness(nits) ≥10000 ≥6000
LED lamp type DIP 346RGB SMD3535RGB