As one of the earliest and most popular synchronization full color led screen control system, the linsn control system has been providing led screen control system for more than 15 years, and the products model have come to generation 9, while many of old screen use linsn control system generation 7 and generation 8, especially many generation 8 led screen are still working correctly until now, while they may has 1 or more receiving cards or the sending card have problem, they may need to change the problem receiving cards or sending cards, this is the best and cost-efficient way, and the modules and other parts still working well and don’t need to make a new led screen.

We are receiving more and more requirement for helping to repairing the Linsn control system. This is not a simple changing work, generation 8 and generation 9 receiving cards can’t work well when they work together, they use different version setup software and work with same generation sending card, and the key point is Linsn company can’t produce the old receiving cards, so you will have to use the new receiving card RV901/RV908 to replace or by used generation 8 receiving cards RV801.

  1. Use new receiving card RV908/RV901, it will need sending card TS921 or 951 to send the rcg file and con file to the receiving cards, and use the new version ledset2.76/2.78, as the RV908 and RV801 their con file is different, then will need to send the rcg file separately to the new receiving cards. And pls make sure don’t TS801 to send the con file, it is possible to destroy the receiving cards.

The old RV801 use the software led studio12.43 or12.62, most of the users don’t have this in computer, just download it from linsn website.

2. Buy used RV801 or TS801, this is a simple way, we have the resource and can help to purchase the old receiving card or sending card, so can use the old rcg file, con file and sending card and software, don’t need complicated setup and avoid many possible problems.

used receiving card RV801