Precautions for storage of LED display

Many times, we can’t install the LED display screen immediately after we buy it because of some factors. In this case, we need to store the LED display screen well. As a precision electronic product, LED display has high requirements for storage mode and environment. Carelessness may be the result of LED display damage. Today, we will talk about how to store LED display correctly from the professional perspective of LED display manufacturers.

There are eight points to pay attention to when storing LED display:

1. The place where the box is to be placed shall be cleaned and laid with pearl cotton.

2. It is forbidden to stack modules or more than 10 LED display screens in disorder. When the modules are stacked, the lamp surfaces are placed relatively and isolated with pearl cotton.

3. For the placement of LED display box, it is recommended to place the light face upward and horizontally. If there are too many lights and they need to be placed vertically, special attention should be paid to protection. It is forbidden to place them vertically in places with large vibration.

4. The display box should be handled with care. When landing, the rear side should be on the ground first and then the lamp surface should be on the ground to avoid bruises.

5. All workers must wear cordless anti-static bracelets during installation or maintenance.

6. LED display is installed with anti-static bracelet

7. When handling the box, it shall be lifted and shall not be pushed or dragged away on the ground, so as to avoid damage to the bottom module caused by uneven ground. The box shall be kept balanced during lifting, and shall not swing left and right or rotate in the air. When installing the box or module, handle it with care and do not throw it.

8. If the LED display needs to be adjusted, use a soft rubber hammer to hit the metal part of the box, and it is strictly prohibited to hit the module. Extrusion, collision and other behaviors between modules are strictly prohibited. In case of gap, abnormal positioning and other conditions, it is strictly prohibited to knock the box and module with hard objects such as hammer. The box can be picked up to remove foreign matters and try again