LED pharmacy cross display is a kind of special led display products, compare to normal led display, the LED pharmacy cross use the very few quantity of LEDS, normally 1280 leds for each side, or 6144 leds for each side if you want your cross more visible for people far away, you need to increase the brightness of the LEDS. Now more and more clients request higher brightness cross products.

To fulfill the increasing demand for brightness, VIVILED start use the supper high brightness for single color led pharmacy cross:

Normal LEDS brightness VIVILED LEDS brightness VIVILED cross model
346 LEDS 3500-4500(max) mcd 10000-13000(max) mcd P10 single color series
5mm LEDS 9000-10800(max) mcd 30000-35000(max) mcd P12.5, p16, p120, p25 series

Both of our 346 LEDS and 5mm LEDS are custom made products, you can take the traffic led sign for example, now the 5mm leds is widely used leds for traffic led screen products and the highest LEDS for it is 10800 mcd, so once our cross product installed, it will be more visible than the traffic sign.

contrast between common 546 leds and our highest brightness leds

brightness show p10 69cm pharmacy cross