Project Description

  • 1000 mm x500mm  aluminum cabinet, pitch 3.91-7.81mm

  • The Horizontal and vertical viewing angle reach 160 degrees

  • transparent rate 75%, won’t block the lighting by much

  • High refresh rate at low gray, refresh rate 3840HZ

  • light weight and thin cabinet, fit the window or wall well, easy to install

  • brightness can as high as 5000 cd, install indoor but enough for people watch outdoor

P3. 91 indoor transparent screen cabinet size is 1000 * 500mm, customizable and DIY free splicing. The appearance of LED transparent window display enriches the types and display modes of LED transparent display products, fills the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and provides customers with more services, many choices and possibilities. With the increasing demand of customers, the application layout of window screen has expanded to the large market of commercial retail window.

The positive light-emitting transparent window screen use the frameless modular design, which is specially designed for the store window. It has the characteristics of high brightness, visible in the daytime, gorgeous color, high pixels, transparent, fast installation and convenient maintenance; The installation methods such as hoisting and supporting can be chooseen. The window screen is self luminous with high brightness leds, which can make your advertisement dazzling 100 meters and kilometers away.

Standard cabinet size: can assemble quickly;

Communication: PC, app control screen;

Wide view angle: 160 viewing angle;

Vision: high contrast, high refresh rate;

More than 75% permeability, without affecting the original glass permeability and indoor daylighting;

Light and thin box, relatively simple installation, without damaging the original glass and wall structure;

Ensure clear display; Brightness above 5000nit to meet outdoor display requirements;

Adopt high-quality power supply and high-quality lamp beads to ensure the stability and reliability of products;

Item K15.625(DIP) K15.625(SMD)
                         Pixel Pitch P15.625mm P15.625mm
 Transparency  rate 60% 60%
Resolution/㎡ 2048 2604
 Max Power Consumption/㎡ 800W 800W
Average Power Consumption /㎡ 200W 180W
Resolution/Cabinet 64*32 62*32
Cabinet size (mm) 1000*500 1000*500
Drive Method Static Static
Weight/Cabinet 14KG 12KG
                     Brightness(nits) ≥10000 ≥6000
LED lamp type DIP 346RGB SMD3535RGB