Project Description

  • Module size: 250x250mm, compatible pitchpitch: EH3.91EH3.91/ EH4.81EH4.81.
  • 500x500mm, 500x1000mm cabinet cabinet, stable die-casting alloy structure, not easy to deform.
  • Cableless and pluggable power supply, easy to change change.
  • Intelligent cabinet ha ndlndle locklock, single ope ration design , time time-saving and labor labor-saving.
  • Foldable all all-around corner protectors, effectively protect the edge leds and modules
  • use high end big chip pure black leds, with ultra-high contrast, high grey scale and high refresh rate.
  • Curved function cabinet optional, no need curved lock, can realize arc / special special-shapedshaped, suitable for different rental events.

Developed special for rental market, connection between the cabinets is very easy and quick, operators manager to finish 1 cabinet connection within 20 seconds

High Precision Die-casting Aluminum cabinet

high strength, stable and durable cabinet design ,not easy to deform
Ensure the accuracy and flatness of cabinets splicing.

special protect part for all 4 corner of the every single cabinet

great protecion to protect the modules especially the leds from crash and hit