Project Description

  • low cost, compared to other cabinet, the structure is much more simple than the common cabinet or die-casting cabinet, and it use steel as the material, so its cost much lower

  • use magnet to assemble the screen, it is quick and and time efficient

  • reduce the production period, the modules and the cabinet deliver seperately

  • the magnet make front service realised in a low cost way

  • the cabinet is thinner, so it can be used in a very narrow space

  • it is make the cabinet size and the screen size more flexible, the cables go through the cabinets very easy, so you decide the size of the cabinet and screen size

The experience tell us, when the outdoor led screen is installed for long time use and don’t move, the traditional cabinet is still the best choice, its depth is much bigger than die casting cabinet so it is much more stable.

And the best solution for fixed installation outdoor use is without quick connector, but we left holes to let the signal cable and power cable go through, it will make its waterproof better. Normally the waterproof of the back cabinet is IP54, while if we make some speical structure, it can work without extra structure to cover its back.

the modules can work with:

Aluminium cabinet for outdoor fixed installation use, use convex door design, with rain blocker on the top, and every fans position, air inlet ports have covers. No connectors, all the lines come through the cabinets via special designed holes, so the waterproof is much better than with quick power and signal connectors, avoid potentional waterproof problem when the screen don’t have an extra cover to take care of the back. And if no need extra cover, it can save you a real big amount of money.


pixel pitch (dot/㎡) leds size driving IC scan mode module size
refresh rate(HZ) brightness
module max currency max power consumption
3mm 111111 1415 ICN2046   1/16 192*192 1920 5000~5500 6.5A 850W
3mm 111111 1921 ICN2046   1/16 192*192 1920 5000~5500 6.5A 850W
3.8mm 67816 1921 ICN2046+2012   1/13 192*192 1920 5000~5500 6A 800W
6mm 27777 2727 ICN2046+2012   1/4 192*192 1920 5500~6000 6A 800W
2.5mm 160000 1415 ICN2046
(96 pcs)
  1/16 320*160 1920 5000~5500 8.5A 850W
4mm 62500 1921 ICN2046+2012   1/10 320*160 1920 6000~6500 8A 800W
5mm 40000 2727 ICN2046+2012   1/8 320*160 1920 5300~5800 8A 750W
8mm 15625 3535 ICN2046+4953   1/3 320*160 1920 5500~6000 8.5A 800W
10mm 10000 3535 ICN2046+4953   1/2 320*160 1920 5500~6000 8.5A 800W
16mm 3906 3535 ICN2046+4953 static 256*256 1920 6000~6500 11A 800W