ways to reduce the LED screen power comsumption

When we say that led display screen is an energy-saving product, we mean that the luminous efficiency of LED display screen is relatively energy-saving, but the size of LED display screen is large compared with other displays. Therefore, if a large LED display screen is used, its overall power consumption is very large. Then what can we do to reduce the power [...]

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Attentions for led screen storage

Precautions for storage of LED display Many times, we can't install the LED display screen immediately after we buy it because of some factors. In this case, we need to store the LED display screen well. As a precision electronic product, LED display has high requirements for storage mode and environment. Carelessness may be the result of LED display [...]

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How to do a good job in the heat dissipation structure of LED display?

LED display screen is an electronic product, and heating is a normal phenomenon in the process of use.Small area led display screens, such as signboards, door screens and small publicity window screens, have limited area, limited power and limited heating. Generally, we don't need to consider heat dissipation. However, for large-area indoor LED display and outdoor large display, due to [...]

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the key points your led screen can present better vision

the key points your led screen can present better vision Nowadays, most people are satisfied with the resolution quality and video quality of the full color LED screens. BUT there are still some of them that think it is not clear enough especially when you get closer to look at the LED screen and for some special applications. And [...]

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