Project Description

  • number size from 2 inch to 15 inch

  • light weight


  • Brightness :  leds can as high as 20000 cd

  • Available Communication:LAN/RF remote controller/Cable RS232/84

  • all number in one pcb, intall quick and easy

Digit display is widely used in gas price sign, price sign, time/date/temperature clock, score board, exchange rate board, and all other displays which need display numbers, it is can take traditional printings or writings and provide a more efficient way to display the information, can change the numbers very quick.And the led technology it use can make the display shine with a hightness, even people from hundreds meters away can see the information. Also it is a energe-saving product.

The pcb board type digit display is similar to the normal led display, so it has the advantages of the normal led display, can control by software, high brightness, low energe cost. But it only has few necessary leds for the numbers, it can save much cost.

The disadvantage of PCB type digit display is waterproof, while we have 2 way to make it good for outdoor use:

  1. waterproof cabinet, we make waterproof cabinet for digit display such as gas price display, assembly the pcb side and use waterproof connectors so it can be used outdoor.
  2. use Parylene coating for the pcb, it can cover all the gap and the surface of all components and the pcb and the waterproof can be IP67 except the connectors, so if we use a good way to connect the power and signal, it will be excellent for outdoor use. The parylene coating is often used for gas price and the traffic display.
PCB Board LED Number Module
Item High LED Color Input Voltage Output Voltage Number’s size (mm) N.W(g) Lamps’ quantity Power (Wats)
D1.8-PCB 1.8”  







Red Blue White Green Yellow








AC 110/ 220V








DC 12V

38*56mm 18 28 1
D3-PCB 3″ 65*85mm 30 35 1.7
D4-PCB 4″ 90*120mm 47 56 2
D6-PCB 6″ 115*190mm 90 70 2.6
D8-PCB 8″ 134*227mm 135 84 4
D10-PCB 10″ 175*280mm 204 104 6.5
D12-PCB 12″ 210*350mm 282 182 9
D14-PCB 14″ 195*385mm 356 130 7.2
D15-PCB 15″ 250*400mm 362 308 12