Project Description

The cubic led screen is a new and innovative led screen products, now more and more media company and business owners want to use this kind of media player as their next choice.

You can imagine, when people along the street, when they see a led screen which structure and outstanding outlook they have never seen, they will stop and see more details, it will attract more attentions and make the advertisement more effective.

The cubic led screen can be a exact cubic with 4 faces, 5 faces or 6 faces full of led screen, and with a foot for  installation, which is suitable for stores.

cubic led screen for store use

Also it can be a square column with has 4 faces full of led screens, which is suitable for advertisement, its width can be more or less than 1 meter, and height can be as high as the floor height, so it takes only around 1 square meter space, but can show several square meters images for each face and total more than 10 square meters, attract attention from people all round the column.

square led column for advertisement

square led column for advertisement

Also the cubic led screen can be combined as a speical deisigned pattern.

Want a different one, use your imagination.

To make a good cubic led display products, speical designed cabinets, special designe modules and special designed software are needed.

The cabinets can combined with single cabinets with 45 degree edges, or if the screen is not big one, it can use 2 combined cabinets or even one entired cabinets.

Also the modules are special designed, the platics also with 45 degrees, some modules are designed with front service fucntion, as most of the cubic displays don’t has a maintence space, so front service can help.

Also software can be special designed to get better visions and make the operation easier.

Speical deisign APP, with tens of template, so common users can operate.