Common problems and solutions:

Problems Reasons Solutions
1.All LEDs blink Contact Failure

1.Fix the loose places

2.LED appears dark Switching power is inconsistent with LED’s rated voltage Make sure switching power is conforming to rated voltage of LED
3.LED lamps on some circuit can’t be on 1. Connect direction may be wrong;
2.Cable of output power may be wrongly connected;
3. Power cables may be reversely connected;
1. Connect it correctly;
2. Make sure the red cable is connected to the anode, and black cable to cathode;
3. Find out the reversely connected cables, then connect them correctly.
4 .All LED lamps can’t be on 1. No power output from switching power;
2. Output cables may be wrongly connected.
1. Connect the commercial power to the input port of switching power;
2 .Make sure the anode and cathode of power cable are correctly connected.
5.The whole screen does not light or appears pane 1. if the host is started;
2. if the communication line is connected well;
3. if the sending card is plugged in;
4. if the data line between the graphic card, sending card and receiving card is connected well;
5.he position of receiving card JP1 or JP2 is incorrect;
1.Open the host machine;
2.Plug well the communication line;
3.Replugged the sending card;
4.Connect well the data line between the graphic card,sending card and receiving card;
5.Adjust well position of receiving card JP1 and JP2;
6.In the whole screen, the data glitter or keep lighting every 16 lines Check the settings in LED studio Open LED studio, open the debugging,hardware setting password 168 system setting set the row sequence as +0 or +1
7.Every time when starting LED studio,there is a hint:Controlling system cannot be found The singal collecting line between COM port to sending card doesn't connect or the COM port of the computer is broken Connect data line well or change computer
8.The images in the whole screen are shaking or ghosting 1.Check the communication line between the computer and LED screen;
2.Check DVI line of graphic card and transfer card;
3.Sending card is broken;
1.Re-plug in ore replace the communication line;
2.Strengthen DVI line plug;
3.Change sending card;
9.One unit panel do not light 1.If +5V electricity or GND supply;
2.If+5V and GND are short circuit;
3.If the OE signals of 138 no.5 leg exixts;
4.If the OE signals which connected with 245 are norma(open circuit or short circuit)
1. supply +5V electricity or GND
2.cut the short-circuit part OE signal connect the open circuit part cut the short-circuit part
10.One unit panel upper half or lower half do not light or display unnormally. 1 .if the 5 th leg of OE signal of 138 exists .
2 .if the no. 11 and 12 leg signals of 74HC595 are normal(SCLK,RCK).
3.if the connected OE signals are normal; open circuit or short circuit .
4.double row pins and the signal of SCLK ,RCK connected with 245 are normal .open circuit or short circuit .
1.connect OE signal
2.connect SCLK.RCK signal well
3.connect the open circuit part cut the short-circuit part
4.connect the open circuit part cut the short-circuit part