Viview LED sign for traffic system includes variable LED message signs, LED guideboards and dynamic information LED displays. They are up-to-date solutions for difficult interchanges where it is necessary to deliver a wide range of information according to varying times or road situation. Viview LED traffic sign can display on-line information and warning messages, detour routes and any other graphics.
Viview LED traffic signs are with the ambient environment controller, continuously detects light conditions and automatically adjusts LED sign brightness to 256 corresponding levels. This technology prevents blinding, provides comfortable viewing of information by those on the road at any time of a day or night, allows up to a 30% energy savings and significantly extends the LEDs lifetime.
Usage range

Streets and interchanges, Areas of oncoming and variable traffic, Highways, Approaches to airports, bus and railway stations, other concentrated traffic areas.
Versatile Message Signs (VMS)
Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)