Using LED panel as a digital advertising medium is a new trend which brings advertising to a higher level. Today video panel networks are already considered to be a serious alternative to conventional static solutions,since video panel have strategic advantages and provide advertisers with new opportunities.

Viview are a professional LED panel manufacturer from China. We have many years experience in offer LED screen for both indoor advertising and outdoor advertising.

Viview LED video panel allow showing video information, making even a short advertising message more evident and attractive because of the dynamic imaging. They display bright and brilliant pictures which more efficiently draw the attention of viewers. LED panel transmit any image with the same quality under direct sunlight as well as in intense darkness.

Viview LED panel control system allows prompt altering of advertising messages. It is a significant option for businesses where it is important to have the possibility to change an advertising strategy or advertising content quickly. In addition, video panel offer the possibility to put up several advertisements successively and therefore earn more for the same period.
Indoor advertising(Indoor full color LED panel)
led video billboards(outdoor full color LED panel)
led video sign